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                                                          報 告 人:魯友明教授




                                                          邀 請 人:韓家淮教授  莫瑋教授

                                                          聯 系 人:彭永瑩2181601


                                                          Mossy cells (MCs) are a unique group of excitatory neurons in the dentate gyrus, which is a brain region important for emotion, learning and memory. Due to the lack of a reliable method to identify and distinguish MCs from the other cell types, a specific function and circuit of MCs remains unknown. Here, we genetically label the individual MCs in the dentate gyrus of adult mice and demonstrate that MCs control memory precision. MCs synapse directly with local somatostatin (SST)-expressing interneurons and undergo long-term potentiation (LTP) that requires activation of postsynaptic GluR2-lacking, Ca2+-permeable AMPA receptor. GluR2 expression in SST cells is repressed by a long non-coding RNA, PRECISER. A genetic switch of synaptic AMPA receptor phenotype from GluR2-lacking, Ca2+-permeable to GluR2-containing, Ca2+-impermeable AMPA receptor by either directly introducing GluR2 or silencing PRECISER in SST cells blocks LTP and causes memory imprecision. Thus, MCs directly and functionally innervate local SST cells and this innervation governs memory precision via GluR2-lacking, Ca2+-permeable AMPA receptor-mediated LTP.